1 Title
2 Material
3 Courtesy
4 Institution
5 Copyright
6 Exhibition
7 Photographic medium
8 Dimensions
9 Permanent location
10 Source
11 Photographer
12 Artist
13 Title of photograph
14 Date
15 Camera
16 Date of photograph

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Permanent location
Title of photograph
Date of photograph
Photographic medium


Initiated and edited since 2010 by art historian Remi Parcollet with artists Aurélien Mole and Christophe Lemaitre, Postdocument is a regular and free publication dedicated to the photography of artworks in exhibition context. It showcases a curated selection of pictures taken by amateur or professional photographers next to an extended caption. Each issue features exhibition views selected according to one of the 16 permanent entries making up the published pictures' captions: name of the artist, title of the work, production date, material, dimensions, permanent location, title of the exhibition where the work is on show, place of exhibition, name of the photographer, title of the photograph, date of the photograph, medium, camera, source of the photograph, courtesy, copyright. Ultimately, Postdocument ultimately consists of 16 issues.

This internet site gives the user access to the complete Postdocument database and allows to browse it in two different ways: by issues or by entries. List viewing allows new sub-selections (for a particular artist, exhibition photographer, institution, camera, type of material or date). It is possible for all of these selections of pictures to be gathered and exported as PDF files through the Export link (only activated for Chrome users).

This project has received support for digital publishing from the Centre National des Arts Plastiques (Cnap).

All photographs are published by Postdocument with permission of their authors and/or rights holders whenever it has been possible to contact them. We apologize to those we did not credit and invite them to contact us. Postdocument is a non-profit research project, whose revenues are only ever put towards the essential costs of making its explorations freely available to all.

Christophe Lemaitre, Aurélien Mole, Remi Parcollet

Association Postdocument
42 rue Liancourt
75014 Paris

Art direction (print), Spassky Fischer
Design (website), Christophe Lemaitre
Development (website), Christophe Lemaitre

Postdocument (Reader)
Edited by Christophe Lemaitre, Aurélien Mole, Remi Parcollet
Design: Spassky Fischer
Available here: Les Presses du Réel
392 pages, 248 images
30 euros – EAN: 9782840668411

16 copies (Hard numbered copies) of each Postdocument are available by subscription (4 issues for 100 euros). 3 subscriptions for issues 13 to 16 (the latests) are still available. Please contact us for any request or information.